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Rhinoplasty is surgery to re-shape the nose.  The nose occupies the centre of the face and has an influence on the shape and proportions of the face, it is not surprising that people who aren’t happy with the size and shape of their nose can often be very self-conscious and lacking in self-esteem.  Rhinoplasty can improve a person’s appearance and often self-confidence, although this does not always follow. Despite obvious changes to the shape of the nose, It is often said that  friends and colleagues fail to notice that something has changed.

Most people requesting a rhinoplasty for the first time are looking for a reduction in the size and an improvement in the shape of their nose.  However, a small group of patients may be looking for an alteration in the shape or correction of a crooked nose or sometimes even request an enlargement. Another more practical reason for requesting rhinoplasty may come from people who have previously had an injury to their nose which has become crooked or collapsed. They often complain of a blockage on one side when breathing through their nose

Mr Eoin O’Broin

Mr. Eoin O’Broin is a qualified plastic surgeon based in Cork who has been a consultant since 2002, and he has extensive experience in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.  He has a particular interest in rhinoplasty.  This interest developed through training over the years and especially due to his exposure to cleft lip and palate and the reconstruction of the nasal deformity in this condition.  Modern rhinoplasty (nose job surgery) has become very sophisticated and could be regarded as a surgical art form. Eoin is an accomplished artist with a keen eye for aesthetic  detail, which may be helpful in this particular subspecialty.

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